Information: Gujarat State Education Board

Gujarat State Education Board or Gujarat State Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board is education department that comes under the Government of Gujarat.

Soon after the formation of Gujarat state from Maharashtra, in 1972 Gujarat State Education Board was constituted as a part of Gujarat Education Act. All its employees are enacted by the state government of Gujarat with a total of 60 core-committee members.

  • Name: Gujarat State Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board
  • State: Gujarat
  • Official Website:

The guidance laid by GSHSEB are to be followed by the state schools and it also conducts various acts and policies related to the SSC and HSC exams. This includes formation of Curriculum, Exam schedule, Distribution of materials, giving out results.

Institutes are required to register themselves with the state education board. The state education board also conducts activities related to employing teachers and appointing them to various government and granted institutes. GSEB also monitors the progress of various schools under the board.

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